April is approaching the

end – the month of dissemination of information about autism. Enlightenment in this area is necessary so that all members of society feel comfortable. About what awaits people with an autistic spectrum disorder in Russia is reasoned by the founder of the Nude Hearts Foundation Natalya Vodyanova.

For 13 years, April has been considered a month of informing people about autism. These days, the Light it up Blue action is held around the world: attractions like the Niagara waterfall, the pyramid of the Cheops and the Sydney Opera Theater are highlighted in blue.

Autism was familiar to me long before the blue monument “Worker and Collective Farm” was lit by the blue. My younger sister Oksana has cerebral paralysis, autism and intellectual disorders. When Oksana was born, there was no question of any adoption of people with the features of development, the doctors invited her mother to abandon the child.

Misunderstanding, fear – we came across them everywhere: in a store, a hairdresser, on a playground and in a clinic.

Many years have passed, we all became more well -read, more patient, smarter, we are more open to people with developmental features. We learn to live without disgust, fear and condemnation, with an understanding of the equality of rights and advantages for everyone without exception.

There are more people with autism than we think: the latest data center for the control and prevention of US diseases suggests that RAS (autistic spectrum disorder) occurs in every 54th child.

The concepts of “inclusion” and “inclusive society”, which mean equality of opportunities for all people, regardless of their abilities and characteristics, today can be heard today in Russian speech.

For me, this is a great joy and hope that in the near future inclusion will become part of life, and not just a combination of letters.

Fortunately, significant positive progresses are happening now: in January 2022, the World Winter Games of the Special Olympiad will be held in Kazan, in which athletes with the features of intellectual development will take part.

For Russia, such an event is a huge step towards an inclusive society, in which a person is evaluated on the basis of his perseverance, strength, stamina and thirst for victory, and not contrary to its features.

And if the inclusion becomes part of such an important sphere of public life as sport, then I have every reason to assume: soon it will spread everywhere! The fear, lack of information or its inconsistency sometimes interfere with the accepting of the developmental features. But, getting more knowledge (and just more often communicating), we will create a society in which it will be comfortable for everyone.

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